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Oct 12, 2006 I had a BATH!!!

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I had a BATH!!!

Thursday Oct 12, 2006 07:36:00 PM

Yes you read it right my human gave me a soapy bath.She had let me and Piper swim around in the bathtub since it was so hot.Then before i could do anything she lifted me up and placed me in the basin full of water.I tried to escape but it was no use.She covered her hands in baby soap then rubbed it through my fur which i didn't like.After that she dunked me in to rinse the soap off.Finally it was over and i began to groom my wet coat.My human brought this loud thing over that blew hot air all over me and Piper.After that she left us to play in our foam castle and since that day i'm always anxious when she has water near me incase it's another bath ;).

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